If you're seeking valuable tips to kickstart your journey in DOFUS Touch, whether it's about amassing Retro kamas pas cher , gaining experience, or discovering the perfect gear for your level, you're in the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the assistance you need to embark on your adventure in DOFUS Touch.

Choosing Your Profession When creating your initial character, you'll need to make a crucial decision regarding your profession. As you progress in the game, you'll come across various resources, and to kickstart your journey to wealth, you'll want to collect as many as possible. For this reason, it's highly recommended that you consider these three primary professions:

Peasant: Embrace farming to gather valuable resources.

Woodcutter: Focus on harvesting wood and other forestry materials.

Alchemist: Dive into the world of alchemy to create and sell potent concoctions.

Making Kamas Starting your Kama-earning journey is relatively straightforward, especially for newcomers. Here are some key steps to follow:

Resource Farming: Utilize your three chosen professions to gather resources. Keep an eye out for water, as it sells well and fetches a good price.

Follow Main Quests: Main quests not only provide a gripping storyline but also offer rewarding items and opportunities as you progress in the game.

Achieve Monster Successes: Start working on monster successes, particularly the Piou success, which can yield substantial rewards and is accessible right from the beginning.

Buy and Sell: Although most of your equipment can be obtained through drops from enemies like Dens and Gobballs, you can also consider investing in Water. Purchase it at the Astrub Tavern [5, -17] from the innkeeper for just 1 Kama per unit. Then, head to the sales market to resell Water in packs of 10 or 100, making a profit margin of over 200%.

Embrace Teamplay Playing with friends in Osatopia 2 offers significant advantages. Duo achievements in dungeons are relatively straightforward to complete. Opting for a cooperative approach, especially in the early game, is an ideal way to accelerate your progress and gain experience swiftly.

Swiftly Identify the Best Altered Beings In the fast-paced environment of Osatopia 2, where everything happens rapidly, it's essential to keep a keen eye on emerging top-tier Altered creatures. These sought-after beings will command high Kama values. To ensure you stay ahead, closely follow the streams and skilled players to identify the creatures that can aid your progression. Once the most efficient Altered entities are revealed, act promptly to acquire them, even if it necessitates a significant investment, while avoiding exorbitant price hikes.

We will promptly update you on MGG with a list of Altered items that should be your top priority.

Unlocking the Bonus Pack As you accumulate your initial wealth, you'll eventually want to invest it. In DOFUS Touch, you have the option to purchase a Bonus Pack, which currently costs approximately 60 Kamas per week. This Bonus Pack grants you experience and drop rate bonuses and is equivalent to a subscription in the PC version, except it provides substantial in-game advantages.

Once you've saved up your first 60 Kamas, don't hesitate to purchase the Bonus Pack. This will allow you to further enhance your farming capabilities and embark on an even more prosperous adventure.

Consider Changing Your Class Remember that you're not bound to stick with a single class from level 1 to 200. At certain milestones, like reaching level 60 with the acquisition of the ult or level 150 with more developed Altered forms, it might be beneficial to switch classes for a quicker advancement.

Prioritize Offensive Stats Osatopia 2 is designed to be a Dofus experience accessible and enjoyable for newcomers. While the game does require effort and tactical thinking, battles are well within your capabilities. Therefore, it's advisable to focus on enhancing offensive stats for your character, enabling you to expedite your progress through the content.

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