Both Arenas that are currently available are located in the Outland There are WoW cataclysm Gold battlemasters who can transport players to them from all major cities. You aren't able to join an organized Arena Team until you're level 70. However, players at all levels are allowed to participate in practices or play matches prior to when you reach the limit of level. It is possible to play in Arenas with groups of three, two or five players competing against a comparable amount of players from the opposing faction.

Fighting in the Arenas come with a set of specific rules designed to ensure that fights are fair. For instance:

A pre-match warmup will cut down the mana cost for all of your spells to nil which allows you to swiftly boost all players without having to worry about mana. Warlocks can also cast Soul Shard spells without using any Soul Shards. The player cannot resurrect after being killed. When you die then you're dead. There are no consumable items, except for conjured food or water are available within the Arena. There are no potions! There are no spells or abilities that have cooling times of more than 15 minutes can be utilized. If you depend in Retaliation, or lay on Hands to get through fights Prepare the possibility of testing your abilities for a time.

In this way, when an Arena fight begins it's just a matter of killing all members of the opposing team before they're capable murdering you. You won't earn anything for your effort Your aim is to win.

When pickup or practice matches are played solely to enjoy the fighting, once you reach level 70, you're able to make Arena Teams that can be placed in a ranking. The procedure is quite simple in the sense that the rank of your team increases each time your team is successful in a match. It is possible to gain standing by defeating teams with higher rankings than you, and beating teams with cheap Cataclysm Classic Gold lower rankings will earn you a lesser amount of prestige in ranking. Also, losing against better-ranked teams won't affect your standing in the same way as losing against a team lower than you.